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    Smart Glass  or  Intelligent Glass

    Insulated glazing incorporating switchable smart glass technology

    Energy efficient double glazed units (DGUs) with integral switchable coated layer creating external and internal smart glass windows ideal for both for commercial buildings and homes

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    In short, as the fig shows, PDLC smart glass is a huge flat capacitor which realizes transparent or opaque effect by applying or removing electric field to drive the liquid crystal molecules aligned or disordered array. Following fig shows PDLC smart glass usage.

    What is Smart Glass

    Smart glass  (also known as switchable transparent glass) ---- UCEF smart film is laminated with two pieces of glass, with EVA interlayer inserted on each side to trap and hold the UCEF. This structure can keep UCEF from scratch or wear.

     What if you could have privacy with the flick of a switch? 

    Privacy Switchable Glass is the building glass of choice for creating glass partitions that offer users the perfect blend of privacy and freedom. It offers a sleek, sophisticated interior solution eliminating the need for curtains/blinds which can look dated and unpleasant.

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    Hybrid Panels International is a newly established high-tech enterprise, with independent research and development, production and a number of patented technologies and innovation.

    From Small Business to Multinational Brands

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    Smart doors and windows, sun rooms and luxurious villa curtain walls

    • Glass transparency can be adjusted according to sunshine strength.

    • The best solution is to combine smart film with laminated glass, high-end doors and windows/villa curtain wall and light sensor together to produce intelligent light sensing smart doors and windows/sun rooms and villa curtain walls.

      • We can cooperate with

      • Architects, Home renovators,

      • Builder’s, contractors,

      • DIYERS to make mutual profits with our smart privacy glass.

    Office Applications | Educational Institutions 

    Bathroom glass enclosures

    • With switchable transparent privacy glass as electronic curtains of bathrooms in star hotels and luxurious villas,

    • Glass transparency can be controlled by opening/closing door or wall switch.

    Car windows and skylights

    • Standard Mirror tints can be installed on smart film to avoid high temperature.

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    Increased Security & Privacy | Banks

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    Bank counter glass walls

    • For privacy switch off the smart glass when staffs have a break.

    • No other privacy curtains required. 

    • It can also keep bank staff’s safety by switching off smart glass instantly in case there is robbery.

    Glass Projection Screen

    • Widely used in bars, nightclubs, shopping windows, glass presentation display on exhibitions, recreation chambers glass walls, meeting room glass partitions.

    Ideal for Dental Clinics, Hospitals & Spas | Houses & Condos

    Glass Windows of Hospital Nurseries, emergency rooms, ICUs, operating rooms

    • Turn off when it is not convenient for passengers to look inside, no dust no barriers.

    Home automation

    • Incorporate Smart Glass with home automation, using our smart film together with intelligent control system, smart glass partition, intelligent light sensing smart door, smart window, smart glass window, smart bathroom, and more.

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    • Instant and precise privacy control and security with architectural integrity

    • Eco‐friendly, protect skin of damaging UV 99%

    • Exceptional optical quality that reduce glare & eye strain

    • Reduced fading of carpets, furniture and protects valuable artwork

    • Energy savings on cooling & lighting costs

    • Ambient temperature control

    • Aesthetically pleasing

    • High durability

    • Efficient use of space in the built environment

    • Ultra hygienic low maintenance cost

    • High contrast for use as rear projection screen

    Smart Glass Highlight

    • Good transparency

    • Low driving voltage

    • High performance in stability

    • Low power consumption

    • Good privacy protection

    • Good adhesive effect


    • Residential Windows, screens, doors, roof‐lights, sliding/folding doors, sun rooms, bathroom/shower enclosures, hurricane resistant windows …

    • Commercial Windows, roof‐lights, sliding/folding doors, sun rooms, cosmetic/specialty counters/shops/
      Bouquets, conference room, office & boardroom partition screen, electronic clocks/scoreboard/ advertising displays …

    • Industrial Roof‐lights, doors, machinery screening…

    • Hospitality Hotel room privacy screen, bathroom & bedroom privacy protection, external windows, doors, conference center windows & roof‐lights, bar & restaurant screen, balconies…

    • Healthcare Nurseries, emergency rooms, ICUs, operating rooms

    • Education Digital writing board

    • Security Entrance foyer, teller & cash counting screens, Vehicles (Trains, Buses, Planes, Limos ) Driver privacy protection, security screens etc.

    • Retail & ShowroomVanity screens, feature screens, projection windows …

    • Projection Internal high resolution rear projection screens 

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    Technical Specifications






    (Parallel Light)


    Around 78% (+- 1%)








    View Angle


    Around 150 o

    IR Blocking





    UV Blocking











    Power Transformer



    Response Time

    OFF <--> ON


    OFF <--> ON


    Power Consumption




    Thickness (inches)


    0.014 (+- 0.04)

    Operating Environment

    Operating Temperature

    OFF <--> ON

    -22f to 140f

    Storage Temperature


    -22f to 140f


    Glass Lifecycle – Indoor


    10 Years

    Glass Lifecycle – Outdoor


    5 Years to Fade