Switchable Smart Glass | Skylights

Product Overview

Switchable Smart Glass Skylights are an excellent way to brighten up your space in a way that is sure to leave visitors in awe.

Traditional Skylights do not offer simple privacy

Traditional skylights are usually glass windows in a top floor ceiling, allowing the light from the sky to spill into the room, whilst keeping its occupants protected from the elements.

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Convenience of Privacy

A skylight allows you to see directly up into the sky from inside a room, bringing the vast visual benefits of natural light into your space. However, one of the biggest issues with traditional skylights is the convenience of privacy. The very nature of a skylight dictates that it would usually be placed on the ceiling, and most ceilings are physically out of reach for many. 

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This is problematic as privacy becomes a serious consideration, particularly in cities and built-up residential areas. Furthermore, if the roof of the building also serves as a separate floor, privacy is a pressing concern as usual skylights would expose a view from underneath.

The easiest solution to solving window privacy concerns would traditionally be blinds or curtains – however, the horizontal orientation of a skylight makes most curtains useless and blinds a major difficulty. The height of a skylight alone could make this not only difficult to install, but also incredibly frustrating to operate from below and possibly even look messy.

Switchable Smart Glass Skylights offer instant privacy

Switchable Smart Glass Skylights, however, solve this issue with a press of a button. Using PDLC technology, the glass changes state from clear to frosted using a remote control that can be operated from up to 25 meters away - and being able to control the glass to turn frosted at any time has major benefits.

It switches in an instant, meaning that should there be any privacy mishaps, you are able to quickly revert the state of the glass simply by pressing a button. There is also an important aspect of Switchable technology that makes this solution superior to a traditional skylight that may rely on blinds for privacy – Switchable smart glass is not a blackout screen. This means that even in its frosted state, a hue of natural light is still allowed to permeate through the PDLC layer, rather than the potential inconsistent blocking of light from blinds.

This is highly important for areas where ambience and light is a consideration. Offices rarely require blackout blinds or curtains as numerous studies have shown that natural light can have a dramatic impact upon mood and productivity, making this something of high deliberation for designers and employers, especially in the working environment.

Perfect for brightening up your space and helping you stand out

Switchable Smart Glass Skylights are also a great way to brighten up darkened areas such as basements, bring life to environments with low light pollution or simply showcase fantastic weather outside, encouraging positive thinking and optimism amongst inhabitants, employees or visitors. Whether the solution is for a residential or corporate application, a Switchable Smart Glass Skylight offers a superior alternative to traditional skylights.

But it is not limited to these applications; this incredible approach to privacy will wow visitors in a unique way that shows you in a positive light next to your competitors. A Smart Glass Skylight can serve as an effective attraction for a museum, exhibition or gallery, helping enforce a contemporary clinical design theme that establishes credibility, commitment to the products or exhibit and overall vision.